Transmission Noises and Vibrations

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If your car is making noises that you suspect are coming from the transmission, don’t wait to figure out the source of the noise. Noise in your car is always potentially the sound of damage being done: grinding, scraping, or banging of parts that wear your car down and lead to the need for more expensive repairs later on.

This page gives some hints about where to start when listening for potential problems in your transmission. If you follow these steps, you will come in with more information and a better description of the problem, so we can track it down sooner and get you back on the road faster.

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Automatic Transmission Noises

Automatic transmissions have more complex parts than manual transmissions, so there are more potential sources of noise, which means there are more potential types of noise. Here are some things to look for if you think you might need a transmission repair:

Constant noise or whine at all speeds: Likely low fluid level or damaged fluid. May also be accompanied by gear slipping. Correct with a transmission fluid change. Pump problems may be to blame if fluid can be ruled out.

Noise that stops when car is in neutral or park: Likely the torque converter.

Noise when car is in gear, but stopped: Another torque converter problem

Noise that stops in one gear: Likely due to transmission gear problems—it stops when gears all turn together, typically third gear.

Noise that changes pitch when shifting: Likely due to transmission parts connected to the turbine shaft.

Noise that increases pitch with vehicle speed: Likely due to problems with the transmission’s final drive—the output to the wheels.

These noises are only a small part of the potential problems with a transmission, but if you can isolate any of them, it can be very helpful for us.

Manual Transmission Noises

Manual transmissions are simpler and have fewer sources of potential noise. Here are some things to check:

Noise associated with engaged/disengaged clutch: Likely related to clutch bearing, not transmission

Noise when clutch engaged but transmission in neutral: Likely related to input shaft or bearings.

Noise in all gears: Low or improper fluid level

Noise in all forward gears: Likely related counter shaft problems

Noise in one gear: Likely related to damaged gear

It’s important to note that manual transmissions are naturally noisier, and some, especially older ones, may have noises that are difficult or impossible to eliminate.

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