Transmission Fluid Changes

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Transmission fluid plays a vital role in your car’s transmission, and in cars with a manual transmission, the transmission fluid acts as a lubricant, but in automatic transmissions, the fluid is even more important. While you’re driving, the transmission fluid carries power from your engine to the transmission, and in both types of transmissions (standard and automatic), fluid breakdowns may result in damage to the car’s transmission. For this reason, it’s very important to have your transmission fluid changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

At AAMCO in Plano, Texas, our automotive experts know everything there is to know about transmissions, and we will know whether or not your fluid needs to be changed out. For over five decades, the AAMCO name has been synonymous with expert transmission repair and service, and our Plano location honors that tradition by providing outstand customer service and the best automotive repair and service jobs in the business. By having your transmission fluid changed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you will minimize the chances of experiencing major transmission problems in the future.

To optimize your car’s performance, the transmission fluid should be at the proper level, and it should be red, sweet smelling, and viscous. If it’s dark, burnt-smelling, or thin, you need a transmission fluid change to prevent damage to the transmission. Transmission fluid changes need to be handled delicately by a certified transmission expert with the proper tools, and that’s exactly what you get when you go AAMCO in Plano, Texas.

Why Change Transmission Fluid?

When you rub your hands together and feel the heat, friction has been created. Transmission fluid is designed to reduce friction in your transmission, but it does not totally eliminate friction. When your car is running, especially under extreme operating conditions, the heat from the friction can increase the temperatures in your transmission to 200 degrees or more which is hot enough to burn transmission fluid and break it down.

As transmission fluid breaks down, it can be deposited on transmission parts, and your car’s performance can be negatively affected. A breakdown of transmission fluid can even lead to major damage of the transmission, which will result in costly repairs and maybe even the need for a new transmission. Although many transmission fluids are rated for 100,000 miles or more, hard-driving conditions can cut that down to 25,000 miles or less. The only way to know for sure if you need a change is to have your transmission fluid checked by the highly trained, professional automotive experts at AAMCO in Plano, Texas. By having your transmission fluid checked according to the manufacturer’s specifications and replaced as necessary, you will reduce the risk of costly transmission repair down the road.

Let the Experts at AAMCO Check Your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission operates under a very tight tolerance, and the fluid needs to be properly drained, the transmission needs to be flushed, and then sealed properly to ensure your transmission continues to function as it should after a fluid change. This takes specialized tools, training, and experience with transmissions—all of which you’ll find at AAMCO in Plano.

For expert transmission repair, you can count on the transmission experts at AAMCO; we have over five decades of experience working on transmissions and we have worked on over 40 million vehicles since we opened our doors fifty years ago.

If you feel it’s time to have your transmission fluid checked or changed, please stop by the AAMCO in Plano, Texas, call for an appointment or fill out our easy appointment form right here on our website. We’ll get you scheduled for a transmission fluid check at our AAMCO Plano location as soon as possible, so we can get you back on the road in no time at all.