Transmission Diagnostic Checks

Serving Plano, Texas and Surrounding Areas

One of the many customer service traditions that has made AAMCO a household name for expert car repair and service for over fifty years is that we perform expert transmission diagnostic checks on all vehicles that may need work. The advanced technology we use to diagnose transmission problems allows us to accurately assess what your vehicle’s specific problem is so we can create an expert service plan to fix your car. Over 40 million drivers have chosen AAMCO over the last five decades because we stand by our work by offering a nationwide warranty that will be honored at any AAMCO location in the United States. Please visit the AAMCO in Plano, Texas today if you think you may need transmission repair or service.

The Diagnosis Process

Your transmission diagnostic always begins with listening to your description of the problem. We’ll ask you about noises you’ve been hearing from the area of your engine’s transmission or just any strange noises from anywhere in your car. With transmission problems, the noises actually help our highly trained automotive technicians understand the problem your car has, so we encourage you to be as specific as you can when describing the noises. Because you drive your car every day, you are the expert on what your car usually sounds like and how it feels when you drive it. By explaining what is amiss, you are helping us to accurately diagnose your car’s problem (along with the assistance of our diagnostic technology).

Fluid Checks

Transmission fluid is crucial to the proper operation of your transmission. The AAMCO transmission service and repair team will check to make sure your transmission fluid is at the proper level and hasn’t been damaged by overheating. We will also check the fluid levels for your transfer case and differential, if necessary. After a thorough discussion with you about your car’s issues and what you’ve been experiencing while driving it, we will take your car out for a road test, trying to replicate the problem you report and look for any other contributing or secondary problems.

Eliminate Causes External to Transmission

A transmission is quite complicated to repair, so we always make sure that’s the source of the problem before we take it off your car and open the case. We check diagnostic codes for the entire car, and we look for everything from loose cables to broken mounts and engine performance to make sure we find the exact problem.

AAMCO’s Unique TranScan

AAMCO has access to special tools that no other automotive repair shop uses—tools that have been developed over the five decades we have been in business and gathered from our over 40 million vehicle repairs. We use a computer scan for trouble codes, which we then run against our extensive database of problems.

After we have accurately diagnosed the exact transmission problem in your vehicle, we will recommend transmission repairs as necessary. We offer reasonably priced repairs that come with an unmatched nationwide warranty, and we understand if you would like to get a second opinion. We never perform any repairs without a thorough explanation of what will be involved and how much it will cost. If we discover additional problems as we work on your car, we will contact you immediately. At AAMCO in Plano, Texas there are never any surprises when it comes to pay for repair work on your car. We’ll keep you posted ever step of the way, and we will do everything in our power to keep the cost of repairs as minimal as possible.

If you feel your car may need a transmission repair or just a service, please contact AAMCO in Plano by phone, fill out our convenient online appointment order form right here on our website or stop by our Plano, Texas location to speak to one of our professional, friendly automotive technicians today.