Transmission Diagnostic Checks

Serving Plano, University Park, and Highland Park, Texas

AAMCO is celebrating 50 years of transmission service, with more than 25 million vehicles repaired, and before every one of those repairs, the AAMCO expert performed a diagnostic to ensure that only needed repairs were performed. We have a comprehensive program for transmission diagnostic checks that will identify the true cause of any car problems before we start repairs.

For a transmission diagnostic check, please call (972) 633-1590(972) 633-1590 FREE or email AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano and schedule an appointment.

First, We Listen

Your transmission diagnostic always begins with listening to your description of the problem. Tell us about any transmission noise you hear or performance problems you experience in as much detail as you can. You likely drive your car every day and are in the best position to notice things that seem out of order.

Fluid Checks

Transmission fluid is vital to the proper operation of your transmission. We will check to make sure your transmission fluid is at the proper level and hasn’t been damaged by overheating. We will also check the fluid levels for your transfer case and differential, if applicable.

Road Test

Next, we will take your car out for a road test, trying to replicate the problem you report and look for any other contributing or secondary problems.

Eliminate Causes External to Transmission

A transmission is difficult to repair, so we always make sure that’s the source of the problem before we take it off your car and open the case. We check diagnostic codes for the entire car, and look for everything from loose cables to busted mounts to engine performance to make sure we find the right problem.

Our Unique TranScan

AAMCO has access to special tools that no other shop can use, tools developed over the 50 years we have been in business and gathered from our over 25 million repairs. This is a computer scan for trouble codes, which we then run against our extensive database of problems.

Recommended Repairs

Once we have tracked down the problem, we will recommend transmission repairs as necessary. We offer fairly-priced repairs that come with an unmatched nationwide warranty, but we invite you to get a second opinion if you wish.

To get a transmission problem diagnosed, please contact AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano today for a consultation.