Rebuilding a Manual Transmission

Serving Plano, Texas and Surrounding Areas

Many drivers prefer manual transmissions over automatic because they enjoy the feeling of being in control of the performance of their car and believe that driving a stick shift is just more fun than an automatic. If you’re one of those drivers who prefers a manual transmission, it’s important to know there are manual transmission experts out there who can fix your car should any trouble arise.

AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano, Texas is staffed with highly trained, knowledgeable auto technicians who have many years of experience repairing and rebuilding manual transmissions. For over fifty years now, the AAMCO name has been synonymous with transmission repair, so you know you’re in good hands when you choose AAMCO of Plano, Texas for your vehicle’s transmission service and repair needs.

When the components of your manual transmission begin to wear out, you will lose all performance benefits, and as the damage becomes more severe, your car will become undriveable. If you are having trouble keeping your car in gear, or if it makes noises or performs poorly in certain gears, you may need to have your manual transmission serviced or rebuilt.

AAMCO uses some of the most advanced diagnostic technology in the auto industry, so we will be able to accurately diagnose what is wrong with your car. Rebuilding a transmission is a last resort, so we will make sure we have explored all other options before undertaking a transmission rebuild.

Replace vs. Rebuild a Manual Transmission

For many components of your vehicle, the easiest and least expensive way to perform a repair is to simply replace the damaged part. Unlike automatic transmission, finding replacement manual transmissions is fairly easy, but it can be significantly more expensive. A manual transmission is not one part, but hundreds of which just one or a few parts may be damaged. Although labor is required to take apart and rebuild a manual transmission, it is generally less expensive to rebuild your manual transmission than simply replace it. AAMCO will find the most affordable route to take when it comes to replacing/rebuilding your car’s manual transmission.

Work with Transmission Experts

AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano offers the best nationwide warranty in the business for your transmission repair because we know that every transmission repair is the right one. We perform a thorough analysis to properly diagnose your transmission problem, so we have problem standing behind our work because we know our repairs will last. Our exhaustive diagnosis process includes checking:

This includes checking:

  • Fluid levels
  • Possible causes not related to the transmission
  • All Transmission components

If we discover that your transmission needs to be rebuilt, we will have the repair completed by one of our expert manual transmission rebuild technicians. We will work with your original transmission, take it completely apart, clean and evaluate every component to make sure we properly identify all facets of your transmission problem. Repairs will be made to the tight tolerances demanded by your transmission using only the highest quality parts available.

Once repairs are complete, we will give your car a test drive to make sure we’ve fixed all the problems your vehicle had prior to the start of our diagnosis/repair process. If you live in Plano, Texas or a surrounding area, please contact AAMCO today to schedule an appointment to have your manual transmission checked by the best in the business.