Fleet Auto Maintenance

Serving Plano, Texas and surrounding areas

If you have an entire fleet of cars or light trucks that you need to keep up and running smoothly for your business, you need to work with an automotive repair and service company that can provide regular maintenance and reliable repairs on your commercial vehicles. You’ve come to the right place because AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano, Texas can handle any fleet of vehicles, no matter how large or small.
Our fleet services go above and beyond the services offered by many other companies, and we stand behind our work with nationwide warranties, so no matter where your vehicles are in the country, an AAMCO shop will fix any necessary repairs free of charge as long as they’re covered under AAMCO warranties.

One Stop Shop for All of Your Fleet Vehicle Needs

One benefit of using AAMCO for your fleet’s vehicle maintenance is that you can get all your car care needs handled in one place—AAAMCO in Plano, Texas. AAMCO can handle everything your fleet vehicles need including basic maintenance; brake service and repair; struts; mufflers; CV joints; and so much more. If you need transmission repair and/or service, AAMCO is the world’s transmission experts and have been for over five decades now.

Keep Your Fleet Moving

Your commercial fleet is useless if it’s not up on the road running smoothly. Our highly skilled certified automotive technicians will advise you of when it’s time for each of your fleet vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, and with our multi-point inspection, we are also able to identify potential problems that could lead to engine failure and get those problems fixed to keep your fleet up and running smoothly. Our goal is to ensure you don’t lose time or money with engine trouble, and by diagnosing problems early and getting them repaired by our highly skilled team, you can get the job done quickly, efficiently and with no stress.

To learn more about fleet auto maintenance at AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair of Plano, Texas, simply give us a call, fill out our easy appointment schedule form right here on our website or stop by our Plano, Texas location today.