Ask the Technician FAQ’s

Serving Plano, University Park, and Highland Park, Texas

Will regular maintenance save me money?

Almost certainly. Regular maintenance will keep your car running at top efficiency, saving you money on gas. It will also mean that minor problems will likely be caught before they become major ones.

Will regular maintenance save me time?

Definitely. It may seem a nuisance to take your car to the shop for maintenance on a regular basis, but when you think about the amount of time you might spend broken down on the side of the road and the time you will lose while your car is in the shop, you will see that maintenance saves you time.

Plus, you can schedule maintenance when it’s convenient, but breakdowns have no respect for your schedule.

When should I take my car in for service?

There are many situations that should cause you to bring your car in for service. These include:

When you bring in your car, the expert technicians at AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair will track down the cause of the problem and get it fixed.

Why should I work with an AAMCO-affiliated shop?

There are three main reasons why you should bring your car to an AAMCO-affiliated repair shop:

  • Our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to identify  your problem
  • We always use the highest-quality parts for your repairs
  • We back every repair with a warranty, and major repairs are backed by the best nationwide warranty in the industry

Still not convinced?

Check our Benefits of Doing Business with an AAMCO page for more information.

How do I know I’m getting the right/best repairs?

We understand that, even after almost 50 years in the business, with 25 million cars serviced, and 95% of cars serviced still on the road, our name might not be enough for you to feel completely comfortable trusting your car to anyone. So we encourage you to ask questions about anything on your estimate that you don’t understand. We will be happy to explain and help you understand what the item is and why the price is fair and appropriate.

Whether your car needs routine maintenance or is suffering performance problems, AAMCO Transmission and Automotive Repair is ready to help. Please call (972) 633-1590 FREE or schedule your appointment online.